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Founder Dr. Ami Wegenek, PhD  has devoted her career to the study of psychology and helping psychology undergraduates and graduate students succeed. She is the co-author of Insider's Guide to the Psychology Major and maintains this site and  BLOG    

This site is dedicated to helping Psychology

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Third annual
Southern California

Teaching of Psychology

SAT Oct 19th 2013

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Read what various professionals in the field of applied psych have to say

about their careers and what

advice they have to offer based on their experiences...

Want a career that involves helping others? Read what various professionals in the field of clinical psych have to say about what they do- including challenges, benefits, and advice for undergrads wishing to pursue the same career path as them...

Advice on topics from how to study for the GRE to why you should  volunteer to conduct research and more...

Informational Interviews, Professions Related to Psychology

Thank you to all the professionals who agreed to complete these interviews with my students and agreed to make them available to students for educational purposes. These can be found only at my YouTube channel and are not publicly searchable in YouTube. More videos coming!